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A brief description of each of the conference sessions is available here.

Monday  November 3  
0830-0900 Registration  
0900-0945 Opening  
0900-0910 Erica Blakstad, Director, Gjensidige  Welcome!
0910-0945 Professor Gerhard Berz, Germany Catastrophes and Climate Change: Causes, Costs and Counter-Measures – (Re)insurance Perspectives 
0945-1105 Session 1 Estimating climate risk in a world of insecurity
0945-1030 Rasmus Benestad, Climate Variability and Extremes
  Norwegian meteorological institute  
1030-1105 Ola Haug, Applying climate scenarios for prediction of future premiums
  Norwegian Computing Center  
1105-1120 Coffee & Snack  
1120-1305 Session 2 Insurers adaption - the precautionary principle
1120-1155 Silvio Funtowicz, Models of Science & Policy: From expert demonstration to participatory dialogue
  IPSC, Joint Research Center, EU  
1155-1230 Jan Sendzimir, Participatory science for adaptive management of the Tisza River in Hungary
  IIASA, Vienna, Austria  
1230-1305 Joerg Heumader, Disaster prevention by hazard zoning in Austria
  Wildbach- und Lawinenverbauung Tirol, Austria  
1305-1400 Lunch  
1400-1545 Session 3 Responsibility: Society or the individual?
1400-1435 Torbjörn Olsson, Conclusions from the Swedish Report on Climate and Vulnerability
  Länsförsäkringar, Sweden  
1435-1510 Knut Nordskog, Defining hazard-thresholds for insurers/State's claim responsibility 
  Natural Hazards Pool, Norway  
1510-1545 Professor Hans von Storch, Changes in storm occurrence over Northern-Central Europe
  Met. institute, University of Hamburg/  
  GKSS Research centre, Germany  
1545-1600 Coffee & Snack  
1600-1710 Session 4 Mapping risk
1600-1635 Mike Cooper, Geographic Thinking for Insurers – managing risk, exposure and capital allocation
1645-1710 Jos van Alphen, Flood risk mapping in Europe: Experiences and best practices
  Rijkswaterstaat, Centre for watermanagement, the Netherlands  
1730 Bus departure for the conference dinner Departing from the conference venue, with return to the city center
1800 Conference dinner Frognerseteren
Tuesday November 4  
0900-0915 Morning coffee  
0915-1100 Session 5 Collaboration between the business and the public
0915-0950 Andrew Voysey, How is ClimateWise changing the relationship between insurers and the public?
  ClimateWise, UK  
0950-1025 Swenja Surminski, Challenges of areal-planning, flooding in the UK
  Association of British Insurers  
1025-1100 Cecilie Flyen Øyen, Building techniques under review
  SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Norway  
1100-1115 Coffee & Snack  
1115-1300 Session 6 Communicating climate risk
1115-1150 Elisabeth Meze Hausken, Public perceptions of climate change
  Gjensidige, Norway  
1150-1225 Leonard Smith,  Understanding uncertainty in climate models
  London School of Economics  
1225-1300 Tor Traasdahl, Experiences from being a climate troubadour
  World Wide Fund for Nature  
1300-1400 Lunch  
1300-1445 Session 7 Reinsuring climate risk and emerging business
1300-1335 Tomas Ljungqvist, A risk management perspective. What type and size of coverage?
  Guy Carpenter, Sweden  
1335-1410 Silvio Tschudi Global warming - A changing risk landscape
  Swiss Re, Germany  
1410-1445 Fiona Shaw, Fire insurance
  Willis, UK  
1445-1500 To be announced  Closing
1500-1530 Coffee & Snack Discussions